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Finding Beverly Hills Movers You can Trust

The city of Beverly Hills, is beautiful. From high-end homes, beautiful landscaping and ritzy stores, living in the city of Beverly Hills is a dream for anyone. Whether you’re moving to or leaving the city of Beverly Hills, finding movers you can trust is extremely important. It’s unfortunately, but many moving companies are known for increase the cost of your move after they take possession of your belongings. Even worse, situations like theft and damage is also quite common.

The Relocation Network has been helping residents move in and out of the city of Beverly Hills for decades. Every single one of our employee’s go through extensive training and background checks, this way you can trust that the movers who help you on moving day are reliable and trustworthy individuals. When moving out of an existing home and into a new one, the last thing you want is for the movers to scratch your new flooring or put dents in your walls, or damage your furniture. Our movers know this, and part of the training all our employee’s go through is to ensure the safety of your belongings in your new home. Our company provides Beverly Hills movers you can rely on and trust.

Prepare for your Beverly Hills movers

As moving day approaches, make sure that you contact your currently utility companies and tell them to cancel service. If you’re moving in the same general area, odds are you won’t need to cancel the service and you should be able to just let them know of your new address. Most residents that move, typically come from a new area so in most cases you’ll need to cancel your service and sign-up for new services in this general area. Make sure that you inquire about any deposits (assuming you’re renting) and ask when you’ll get those deposits back.

As moving day approaches, and assuming you’ve resolved the utility and financial part of your move, it’s time to pack. Whether you use our full-service Beverly Hills movers or pack your belongings on your own, it’s important to pack your items based on how fragile things are. For example; books and heavy items should go in one box whereas more fragile items like glass and fine china, should be put into another box. Marking those boxes to ensure no damage occurs is equally as important. When all your belongings have been packed, it’s important that the heavy items go in the truck first and the more delicate items are put on last and at times, on top of the heavy items. All our Beverly Hills movers know this and take these precautions, this way damage is prevented.

Our Movers in Beverly Hills

Our professionals have been helping movers in the city of Beverly Hills for decades. All our employee’s are thoroughly trained, work hard and make sure that your move in Beverly Hills goes smoothly. All the quotes given by our professional representatives are either done in person, or by virtual consultation. This is done to ensure that there are no sudden price increases when we pick-up your belongings. Whether you’re moving down the street or long distance, the movers here at Relocation Network can help you get from your old home to your new one. We are available 24/7 so please don’t hesitate to call or inquire online for a free quote.

Resources in the city of Beverly Hills

Beverly Hills Chamber of Commerce
239 South Beverly Drive
Beverly Hills, CA 90212
(310) 248-1000

Beverly Hills Unified School District
255 South Lasky Drive
Beverly Hills, CA 90212
(310) 551-5100

Call For A Free Moving Quote Local: (310) 271-4015 Toll Free: (800) 801-2263

Our Amazing Customers

Crystal S.

Repeat Customer

Finally moved my stuff from 2 storage units in Pasadena. Relocation Network was very efficient and fast. Glad the final cost of the move was the same as the quoted price.

Shira W.

Repeat Customer

This is the second time I've used Relocation Network. They were kind, helpful, fast, didn't let me lift a finger. Trust me, this is an A+ company! This is your moving company!!!

Martha B

1st Time Customer

Awesome guys, very neat and helpful! They worked hard and made my life easier. All the way from Manhattan Beach to Murrieta. Highly recommend this company to move anything!!!

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