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A Professional Burbank Moving Company

The Relocation Network has been assisting movers in Burbank for a long time now. The mission of our company is to provide a stress-free moving experience so that our customers consider using again should they decide to move in the future. Our company always tries to make sure that everything is done as fast as possible while being extremely careful about the belongings of our customers.

It all begins by calling our company to get a moving quote. Our Burbank moving company will try and get you a hassle-free quote as quickly as possible. All our representatives will either do a virtual consultation or if you live local, one of our agents will come to your home to get you quoted. Doing this will ensure that there are no unexpected charges later down the road, which is quite common when it comes to moving companies. After we’ve helped you settle into your new home, our company will reach out to see how well we did with your Burbank move.

Known as “The Media Capital of the World,” the city is not far from Hollywood and all the major studios. It’s a beautiful city, and anyone able to move to these areas is truly blessed. Our company is a family-owned and operated company in the city of Burbank. We’ve been serving Burbank and the greater Los Angeles for decades. We provide moving services to residential homes and commercial businesses. We know the city inside and out, which will ensure that you get the absolute best price possible. Whether you’re moving to nearby cities or staying in the city, we can help, and our moving company can get the job done the same day.

Here are five tips for choosing the best Burbank moving company

  • Affordable, but realistic pricing
  • Having very high bills at the end of your move is the last thing any mover would want. When shopping for a Burbank moving company you can rely on, don’t always look for the best price. Some moving companies will underquote the customer to get them locked in. When the belongings are picked up, it’s quite common for the moving companies to charge more. Using a company that has low, yet realistic pricing is always the best bet. Always read the online reviews before hiring a moving company; this would give you an idea of whether they charge more when dropping off your belongings.

  • Experienced
  • All our movers are both professional and experienced. Using the Relocation Network will make sure that your belongings are transferred to your new place without any harm or damage. Our company has been providing reliable and experienced moving services in the city of Burbank for decades. Always go with a company that’s been around, instead of those fly-by-night companies you might find on classified ad websites.

  • Licensed & Insured
  • Always make sure the Burbank moving company you do hire has a valid license and is insured. Under no circumstances should you ever hire a company that doesn’t have a proper license and insurance. Should something happen to your belongings, or should anything else arise from the move, it’s vital that the company has adequate insurance. You can check the status of the license online through the U.S. Department of Transportation website.

  • Local
  • Hire local; we can’t express this enough. Our movers have been helping movers in the city of Burbank for decades. We know all the major freeways, the side streets, and all this will ensure that your move is made as fast as possible. The faster they move, the lower the price since most moving jobs are based on an hourly rate.>

  • Reliable
  • The Burbank movers you do hire must be reliable. If we say we’re going to show up at noon, we’ll be there at noon. Some movers have set times, for example, when it comes to your neighbors moving their cars or renting out a service elevator given it’s a high-rise condo. We understand that and respect that, so we’ll be reliable and be there on time.

    Our professional moving services in the city of Burbank won’t be a service you later regret. We know how to wrap correctly, package, and move your items to prevent damage. We’ve been in business and serving the greater Burbank area for decades. Our five-star ratings speak for its self. Whether you’re moving out of the city or staying in the city of Burbank, our Burbank movers can help you relocate and get the job done fast. We always encourage everyone to contact us for a free consultation. Our Burbank movers look forward to hearing from you.

    Call For A Free Moving Quote Local: (310) 271-4015 Toll Free: (800) 801-2263

    Our Amazing Customers

    Crystal S.

    Repeat Customer

    Finally moved my stuff from 2 storage units in Pasadena. Relocation Network was very efficient and fast. Glad the final cost of the move was the same as the quoted price.

    Shira W.

    Repeat Customer

    This is the second time I've used Relocation Network. They were kind, helpful, fast, didn't let me lift a finger. Trust me, this is an A+ company! This is your moving company!!!

    Martha B

    1st Time Customer

    Awesome guys, very neat and helpful! They worked hard and made my life easier. All the way from Manhattan Beach to Murrieta. Highly recommend this company to move anything!!!

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