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Calabasas Movers

The city of Calabasas is a beautiful one. With its laid-back vibe, positive atmosphere and well-educated residents, if you’re fortunate enough to be moving to the area, let Relocation Network take care of your move. Our company has been helping Calabasas movers for over 30 years, and our company is fully bonded and insured to ensure that your moving is stress-free. Our company is here to make sure that everything on moving day goes smoothly without any problems.

Our hard-working, clean-cut movers are professionally trained and go through background checks to ensure that no problems arise during or after your move. We carefully pack all your delicate belongings to ensure that no problems, dings, or damage occurs to your property during the moving process. We take great pride in making sure you choose the best moving companies Calabasas has to offer and offer these tips to make sure no problems arise during your move.

If you’re looking for an experienced moving company that can help with your relocation, we hope that the tips below will help with your moving experience. If you’d like our company to give you an estimate, give us a call. We would need to have a better understanding of your moving situation, for example, how big your home is along with what you need to have moved. Easy quotes are easy to come by through a general understanding of your moving situation. We understand that moving can be quite stressful and we can get the job done without you having to lift a finger.

Moving Companies Calabasas – What to look for

Choosing the best Calabasas movers doesn’t always need to be a stressful experience. It’s critical to follow a few of these tips to avoid problems later down the road. We’ll go ahead and break down a few of our recommended tips to aid in making the right decision. If any of these tips are unclear or if you’re looking for a quote on moving day, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. There’s a variety of moving companies Calabasas brings to consumers looking to move, selecting the right one can be done if you know what to look out for.

  • Moving Trucks
  • When it comes to moving, make sure the moving companies you research that serves the Calabasas area have reliable trucks. What we mean by this is to make sure the vehicles they use look modern and dependable. The private providers will often use flatbeds and their vehicles to help you with your move. Having private providers use their trucks to help you with your move could result in damage, improper moving, or possible break-downs when you’re personal property is on their trucks. Always hire a legitimate moving company that has new (or semi-new) vehicles.

  • Hand Tools and Supplies
    Always hire a company that has both tools and supplies on hand. When taking apart beds, mirrors, or any other type of complicated furniture, it’s always a good idea to hire a company that might have tools on hand. Having a company bring their tools will prevent problems during the moving process. No one wants to make quick trips to the hardware store, which will only consume more time and added costs when you get your final bill.

    Another thing to keep in mind is to make sure the company has all the proper supplies. What we mean by that, supplies like bubble wrap, extra boxes, or extra blankets to ensure that everything is packed correctly. It’s always a good idea to have this stuff on hand yourself, just in case. Similar to how a hotel might charge an excessive amount for a bottle of water in your room, moving companies can and will have an expensive rate for supplies they have to provide you. Make sure you have this stuff yourself, but always check to see if the moving company has these supplies in case.

  • Guaranteed Fuel and Mileage Coverage
    Only hire a moving company that will provide a guaranteed fuel and mileage coverage. Moving companies are notorious for adding various costs before dropping off your personal property. The unexpected increase of mileage, traffic, and fuel are one of the most common complaints moving companies get when helping people move. Always make sure they guarantee the fuel and covered mileage.
  • Business license and proper insurance
    Most private providers will not have a registered DOT number. Searching this site will also provide insight as to how big their fleet is and will also disclose whether or not they have insurance. Always check to see if the company you’re considering hiring has a business license and proper insurance.
  • Moving Experience
    Always check to make sure the Calabasas movers you do hire have been in business for a while. Stay away from untrustworthy moving companies that might be new to the industry. Having experience will pay off at the end of your move. Relocation Network brings over 30 years of experience to ensure that your delicate items don’t see damage during the move. Having proper experience is always a huge factor in moving your items to or from the city of Calabasas.
  • Moving Companies Calabasas – what to avoid

    When moving in or out of the Calabasas area, it’s important not to make an already stressful situation worse. We understand that moving is a stressful situation, and if you’re going out of your way to hire a professional moving company, it’s essential to hire a company you can trust. It’s a good idea to stay away from classified ad sites that might offer unbelievable deals to help you with your move. These private providers are often unlicensed, don’t have insurance and use their trucks to help you with your move.

    Another problem when it comes to moving companies is that they’ll sometimes hold your belongings until you pay more. What we mean by this, is that a company might quote you a certain amount, but once your property is on their truck, they’ll have reasons to ask for more before they drop off your belongings. For example, some of the shady moving companies in the Calabasas area might say that stairs were not part of the contract, or that they had to walk far to the loading truck. We’ve heard things from “we had to park down the street,” to “we had to bring more help because of this reason or that.”

    The best way to avoid a situation like this is to make sure the company looks legitimate. Make sure you read online reviews of the moving companies Calabasas has to offer before hiring them. You can do a simple search to see if they have their business license here. Most private providers will not have a business license or online reviews, and these are the movers you need to avoid. To prevent making an already stressful situation worse, always go with a moving company that has its business license and proper insurance. Going this route will prevent problems later down the road.

    Here are a few resources for Calabasas movers:

    Las Virgenes Municipal Water District
    4232 N. Las Virgenes Rd
    Calabasas, CA 91302

    Phone: (818) 251-2100

    Southern California Edison
    3599 Foothill Dr
    Thousand Oas, CA 91361

    Phone: (800) 655-4555

    Waste Management
    195 W. Los Angeles Ave
    Simi Valley, CA 93065

    Phone: (800) 675-1171

    City Hall
    100 Civic Center Way
    Calabasas, CA 91302

    Phone: (818) 224-1600

    Library of Calabasas
    200 Civic Center Way
    Calabasas, CA 91302

    Phone: (818) 225-7616

    West Hills Hospital and Medical Center
    7300 Medical Center Drive
    West Hills, CA 91307

    Phone: (818) 676-4000

    Las Virgenes Unified School District>
    4111 Las Virgenes Rd
    Calabasas, CA 91302

    Phone: (818) 880-4000

    City of Calabsas – Additional Resources.City of Calabsas

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