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Culver City Movers

Culver City is home to a lot of movie making history and is very well known for its buzzing restaurants and nightlife. Here you will find Sony Pictures Studios and other cultural finds such as sophisticated art galleries, playhouses, the Jurassic Museum and the storied Culver Hotel. The glamour of Culver City makes it a very attractive place to live and work for many people no matter what your age.

If you are moving to or from Culver City, you need to make sure that you are hiring the right moving company. Moving can be a stressful time for anyone, so make sure you hire Culver City movers you can that are both professional and have positive reviews online. The Relocation Network specializes in many different types of moving, so whether you’re moving to a new house, changing offices or need help packing and assembling storage, we’re here to help. We have many years of experience under our belt and work tirelessly to make sure our customers are happy. Our company has been helping movers in the city of Culver City for decades. We’ll get you moved and settled into your new home so that you can experience what the city has to offer.

How our Culver City movers will quote you

We will make a proper plan for your move to ensure that everything goes smoothly. We will determine how many trucks and what kind will be needed to transport your possessions. Our movers will ensure we have the correct amount of people to do the job, show up on time and get the job done that same day. We ensure that all possessions that are handled are done so in a gentle and professional manner, to make sure no damage occurs during your move and that you get settled in to your new home as quickly as possible.

When it comes to being quoted, make sure the Culver City movers you get quoted by provide you with an in-person quote, or give you a quote through a virtual consultation. Companies that provide quotes by phone or online, have no idea what they’re getting themselves into. Many of these companies will provide a low quote, just to get you signed as a customer. When they put your belongings on the truck, they might say it was more work than expected and require you to pay more to get those belongings back. It’s sad, but that’s quite common when it comes to movers in any city. Only use a mover in Culver City if they provide in-person, or virtual quotes and guarantee everything in their agreement.

Our Culver City movers are experienced

We are licensed movers and can protect your valuables from damage through our insurance and experience. You do not want to be moved by someone who does not have insurance which is mandated by state, but it also means if your valuables break then you won’t be able to get any money for it. Our experienced movers will safely pack your belongings to make sure nothing is damaged during transit. In the rare event that something does get damaged, we provide insurance on all our moves which will provide proper compensation to replace any damaged item.

We know that for many people time is important and finding the time to pack up all your possessions safely and proper can be time consuming. We offer packing services to make sure that your possessions are all packed up in an organized and safe way for transport. By making sure that your belongings are safely wrapped and moved into our trucks, will cut down on the possibility of damage. Our experienced movers will make sure everything is wrapped the way it should be, and that nothing is damaged when moving it from your home to our trucks.

There are a lot of different movers available in Culver City, however none compare to our professionalism and value for money. Why not have a chat and get a quote from us today. We can help put your mind at ease and get you on the road to your new home. Don’t settle for anything less than great and give us a ring today.

Resources for movers in Culver City

Culver City Chamber of Commerce
4249 Overland Avenue
Culver City, CA 90230
(310) 287-3850

Culver City Unified School District
4034 Irving Place
Culver City, CA 90232
(310) 842-4220

Southern California Edison
P.O. Box 6400
Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91729
(800) 655-4555

Southern California Gas Company
555 West 5th Street
Los Angeles, CA 90013
(213) 244-1200

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Finally moved my stuff from 2 storage units in Pasadena. Relocation Network was very efficient and fast. Glad the final cost of the move was the same as the quoted price.

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This is the second time I've used Relocation Network. They were kind, helpful, fast, didn't let me lift a finger. Trust me, this is an A+ company! This is your moving company!!!

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Awesome guys, very neat and helpful! They worked hard and made my life easier. All the way from Manhattan Beach to Murrieta. Highly recommend this company to move anything!!!

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